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The purpose of the Attributes List View is to show all the Master Files and Transactions that support user defined attributes. From here, users can open the 'Add / Edit Attributes' page (to add new attributes and/or attribute values) and open the 'Assign Attribute Rules' page (to identify which attributes are available, required, or not available). Attributes are used to support transactions and other master files.


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Excel - Global (old)
Assign Rules byA hyperlink that shows the field that determines how the attribute rules can be assigned. Clicking on the link opens the 'Assign Attribute Rules' page record view of the transaction. For Attributes associated with Master Files, this is most often assigned by an "Attribute Class" (i.e. Item Attribute Class) and for Attributes associated with Transactions, this is most often assigned by the transaction type (i.e. Sales Order Return). This field is not editable. 
Attribute TypesA label to show which Master Files and which Functional Area Transactions Attributes are available for. This is a system assigned list and is not editable by users.
AttributesA hyperlink to open the 'Add / Edit Attributes' page for the row you selected. For example, to add/edit Attributes for "Customers" you would click the Add/Edit hyperlink in the Customers row.

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