The NorthScope Site provides online help, training, and implementation resources for NorthScope users as well as Release Notes and FAQ's. 

Page Help

Page Help describes definitions, functionality, and data entry rules for every button and field on each page.

Release Notes

Release Notes include the details of each new feature, improvement, bug fix, and technical schema change included in the release.

Implementation Dashboard

Tools to assist with implementations.

User Guides

User Guides provide direction on how-to effectively use the software. They focus on how to configure features, complete tasks and enter transactions.

FAQ Articles

Frequently Asked Questions. Most answers include links to the related help pages and, if applicable, any related user guides.

Training Guides

Training Guides organize each functional area into a logical sequence for learning. They include links to Page Help, User Guides, and Implementation Guides. 

Support Dashboard

Description of support definitions and terms of service as well as instructions on how to submit a Support Ticket.