Def - Inventory Lot

An Inventory Lot is the most granular level that item balances (quantities of Units and/or Weight) are stored within NorthScope. Inventory Lots are created for all Inventory Items assigned an Item Type of “Inventory', regardless of whether the Item is Lot Tracked (i.e., balances are maintained by Production Batch) or the Site containing the product is 'Warehouse Lot' tracked or not. 

An Inventory Lot is unique by combination of:

  • Item: The Item ID (required for all Inventory Lots)
  • SiteThe Site/Warehouse that contains the inventory (required for all Inventory Lots)
  • Production BatchThe date code or other traceability reference that stays with product and never changes. It is required for Items with a 'Lot Tracked' property of "Yes" and will be blank for Items with a 'Lot Tracked' property of "No"
  • Warehouse LotThe identifier or location within a Site/Warehouse, this is most typically used for 3rd party distribution sites. It is required for 'Inventory Lots' in a Warehouse Lot tracked Site and will be blank for 'Inventory Lots' in a non Warehouse Lot tracked Site. This has nothing to do with whether the Item is 'Lot Tracked' or not. 
  • Owner: Identifies who owns the product. This is required for all Inventory Lots.