User Guides

User Guides provide direction on how-to effectively use the software. They focus on how to configure features, complete tasks and enter transactions.

Entering New Transactions (Manually)




Configuring Attributes

Configuring Company Addresses

Configuring Multi-Currency

Configuring Notes

Configuring Reason Codes

Working with Inbound Integrations

Working with Outbound Integrations


Enter Manual Journal Entries

Enter Accrue & Reverse Journal Entries

Reverse or Correct Posted Journal Entries

Enter Checkbook Adjustments

Enter Checkbook Deposits

Enter Checkbook Transfers

Reconcile a Checkbook

Configuring ACH

Configuring Checkbooks

Managing the Fiscal Calendar

Month-end Close

Year-end Close

Creating your Chart of Accounts

Voiding Checkbook Adjustments

Voiding Checkbook Deposits

Voiding Checkbook Transfers 

Voiding Checkbook Reconciliations

Fisherman Accounting

Enter Manual Fish Tickets

Enter Fisherman Sales

Enter Tender Resales

Enter Fisherman Adjustments

Enter Balance Transfers

Enter Fisherman/Loan Payment Receipts

Configuring Sales Tax

Configuring Fish Ticket Premiums

Configuring Fish Ticket Taxes

Configure Ticket Classes

Fish Ticket Price Lists

Fisherman Sale / Tender Resale Price Lists

Adding Sites

Using Fisherman Balances

Correcting Fish Tickets

Repricing Fish Tickets

Repricing Premiums

Voiding Fish Tickets

Void/ Correct Fisherman Sale or Tender Resale

Void Payment Receipt

Grower Accounting

Creating TicketsCreating Price Lists
Mass Updating Price Lists



Cycle Counts



Transfers - 1 part

Transfers - 2 part

Transfer Receipts - from 2 part Transfers

Shipment Details

Void / Correct Inventory

Adding Items

Configure Item Class

Configure Item Sets

Creating Transfer Price Lists

Configure Transaction Class

Configuring and Managing Freight Management

Lot Certifications

Production Batches

Quality Test Results

Adding Sites

Load Management




Credit Memos

Voiding Invoices or Credit Memos

Vendor Class


Configuring and Managing Freight Management

Purchase Orders

Using Vendor Balances

Voiding AP Checks


Quick Sale

Employee Sale

Sales Order

Price Adjustment


Configuring Sales Tax

Using Quick Sale Price Lists

Using Sales Order Price Lists

Mass Updating Price Lists

Adding additional Customer Addresses

Configuring Customer Class


Adding Sites

Configuring and Managing Freight Management

Status Setup

Transaction Class

Using Customer Balances

Voiding Sale Transactions

Voiding a Payment Receipt

Sales Programs

Brokerage Program

Freight Accrual Program

Promotion Program

On Invoice Program


Data Access Groups

Security Groups

Configuring Users

Bar Code Utility

SQL Table Integration (XML)File Import - Deprecated as of version 2023.02.01Web Service APIeLandings


Using the File Import

  • Inventory Transactions
    • Adjustment
    • Production
    • Receipt
    • Transfer
    • Production Batch
  • Inventory Item
    • Item
  • Journal Entry Transactions
    • Journal Entries
  • Fisherman Accounting & Purchasing - Vendors
    • Vendor
    • Vendor Address
  • Sales - Customers
    • Customer
    • Customer Address
Web Service APIImporting Tickets from eLandings