Def - Freight Purchase Order

A Freight Purchase Order is a Purchase Order that was automatically generated to reflect the expected (accrued) delivered freight amount on a Sales Order, Sales Return, or Inventory Transfer Shipment Leg. In order for the system to auto-create a Freight Purchase Order, the following conditions must both be true:

  1. The Transaction Class of the Source Transaction must be enabled for Freight Purchase Orders.
  2. All the Freight Legs on the transaction, that have an estimated delivered freight amount, must be assigned to a Carrier that is enabled for Freight Purchase Orders.

Unless both conditions are true, no Freight Purchase Orders will be created for the transaction. A Freight Purchase order will have values in the ERPx_APPOHeader table for: SourceTransactionFunctionalAreaSK, SourceTransactionTypeSK, SourceTransactionID, SourceTransactionSK, SourceLoadTransactionLegSK, and FreightVarianceGLAccountSK