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A GL Account Segment is a specific part of a GL Account. Every GL Account contains at least 1 segment referred to as the "Natural Account" but some companies require additional structure to segment Natural Accounts by things like Companies, Divisions, Departments, etc. GL Account Segments are typically separated by "-" (e.g. 2000-00).

Each time a new GL Account is added, the individual Segment values are automatically added to this page. The purpose of this page is to Add/Edit segment values within a GL Account Segment

(lightbulb) This is only for information, there is no existing NorthScope functionality tied to this feature. 

Software Version: 2023.08.31 and newer

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Toolbar IconsDescription
Grid LayoutOpens the Saved Grid Layout menu that allows the user to select another saved layout, create a new layout, save changes to a layout, or assign a saved layout as the default for the page. Once changes are made to a grid, such as columns are added or removed, the user can click the Saved Grid Layout icon and save the changes to the grid layout and name the new layout. The new layout can also be set as the default, instead of the System View. This is useful for creating specific views to separate master files or transaction types (i.e. Invoice specific vs. Credit Memo specific).

(lightbulb) The bolded view is the default view, which will determine the view will automatically display in when opened. 

Help Opens the online WIKI help page for the current page. 
Save/ Save & CloseEither saves your changes and closes the page or saves your changes and leaves you on the page.

(lightbulb) The Save button is only activated when a change is detected on the page. When the Save button is active, a ‘ + ‘ character is displayed in the page border. Saving reloads the page.


Displays the Segment name. This is a single select lookup that defaults to the Segment hyperlink that was selected from the GL Account Format List View to open the page. When changed, the page details will change to reflect all the Segment values for the Segment specified. The lookup contains the list of all the GL Account Segments sorted alphabetically. 

Database Field: ERPx_GLAccountFormat.SegmentName

Page Detail

Toolbar IconsDescription
Excel Clicking the Excel toolbar icon exports the current contents of the grid to an Excel file that is automatically downloaded. The contents that export are only those currently visible. If the grid is filtered, only the filtered contents will be exported. 
NewAdds new blank lines in the grid section to allow for data entry.
Column HeadersDescription

A text box to Identify the description of the Segment value. This is not required, is always editable and duplicate values are allowed. Each time a new GL Account is added, if it contains a new Segment value, the value is automatically added and the list of all the unique values are displayed in this page.

Database Field: ERPx_GLAccountSegmentNumber.Description


A text box to Identify the unique Segment value. This is required, is not editable and duplicate values will not be displayed. Each time a new GL Account is added, if it contains a new Segment ID, the value is automatically added and the list of all the unique values are displayed in this page.

Database Field: ERPx_GLAccountSegmentNumber.Number

Record CountA calculated field that displays the count of GL Accounts that share this Segment value.

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Page Definitions

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