Hold Code Record View: Sales

Hold Codes in Sales are used to control whether the Status, Workflow, and the Print controls are editable for Quotes, Orders, Price Adjustments or Returns. The purpose of this page is to add, edit, remove, and activate/inactive these records. 

Software Version: 2022.01.31 and newer

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 Deletes the selected record(s). When clicked, users will be prompted with: "Are you sure you want to delete the selected records?". Click "OK" to confirm, or "Cancel" to return without deleting. 

WARNING: Records cannot be recovered once they are deleted! 


 Opens the online WIKI help page for the current page. 


 Opens a new blank record for data entry.


 Saves the changes made to the record. 

Header Fields

Field Names

Hold Code

A text box that displays the name of the Hold Code. This defaults to blank, is required and must be unique by Transaction Type. If not assigned, the message "Blank Hold Codes are not allowed." will be displayed on Save. If not unique, the message "Duplicate Hold Codes are not allowed." will be displayed on Save. This field is always editable from the record view. This is always editable and must be <= 20 characters. 

The 'Hold' ID is used as a short description and unique identifier of the Hold Code.

Database Field: ERPx_MFHoldCode.HoldCode

Transaction Type

A single select lookup to assign the Transaction Type the Hold code is associated with. This is required and always editable to either:

  • Order
  • Price Adjustment
  • Quote
  • Return

Transaction Types are used to differentiate unique types transactions within the system. Transactions with the same Transaction Type share the same record view pages and business rules. Transaction Types can be further classified using Transaction Classes. Every transaction in the system is assigned a Transaction Type.

Database Field: ERPx_MFHoldCode.TransactionTypeSK

Page Details

Column Description
CheckboxUsed to select one or more records to perform an action, such as Mass Update, More Actions, or Delete.
ControlDisplays the field/toolbar icon that can be enabled/disabled when the hold code is applied. On Commodity Procurement Hold Code records, the control defaults to Status. On Sales Order Hold Code records, the controls are Status, Workflow and Print. The field is for informational use only and is never editable. 

A Yes/No lookup. If "Yes", the value in the 'Control' is disabled. If "No", the value in the 'Control' is enabled even if the Hold code is applied. This is always editable.

RegionDisplays where the Control is located on the record. For Sales Hold codes, the Region is Header or Header or Toolbar. The field is for informational use only and is never editable. 

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