Voiding or correcting a checkbook Deposit (UG)


NorthScope allows voiding and correcting posted checkbook Deposit transactions provided they have not been reconciled. If they are on a Checkbook Reconciliation, the Reconciliation must first be voided. 

Select the transaction.

  1. Navigate to the transaction that is being voided.
    1. The transaction must be located from the 'Checkbook Transaction Inquiry' which can be opened from:
      1. Financial → Inquiries → Checkbook Transaction Inquiry
  2. Find and select the Deposit that needs to be voided (only one transaction can be voided at a time).
  3. Click the 'More Actions' icon in the header toolbar and select "Void or Correct" (this opens the 'Void/Correct Transaction' page). 

The 'Void/Correct Transaction' page will open showing the Deposit transaction that was selected.

  • Page Header
    • Message: Text that identifies the effect that voiding and correcting this transaction will have.
    • Option: Used to select either Void or Void & Correct 
    • Effective Date: Identifies the date the void or correction will post to the general ledger.
      • If the source transaction was posted in an open Fiscal Period, this will default to the source transaction's Date. Otherwise, this will be blank. 
    • Transaction Type: Deposit. Identifies the type of transaction being voided or corrected (non-editable).
    • Transaction: Identifies the transaction ID of the Deposit being voided or corrected (non-editable).
    • Date: Identifies the GL Date of the Deposit transaction being voided or corrected (non-editable).
  • Reconciliation Details: If the transaction has been reconciled, details of the reconciliation will be displayed. 

Process the Void or Correction

  • Select the 'Option'.
    1. Select "Void" to reverse the source transaction.
    2. Select "Void & Correct" to reverse the source transaction and put a new copy back in the Checkbook Transaction List View to be edited and re-posted.
  • Edit the 'Effective Date' if necessary.
    1. This must be in Fiscal Period open to Financial.
  • Click the 'Process' icon in the header toolbar to complete.


The following events happen when a Deposit is voided. 

  1. Removes all the associated Payment Receipts from the Deposit.
  2. Updates the Status to "Void"
  3. Reverses any associated Currency Gain/Loss journal entries, using the same process as the Reverse Journal Entry

Correcting (Void & Correct)

The following events happen when a Deposit is Corrected. 

  1. All the steps outlined above for voiding. 
  2. A clone of the source Deposit transaction is placed in the Checkbook Transaction List View allowing for edit and re-posting.