Void/Void & Correct Sales Orders

The purpose of the Sales Order Void Order page is to void or make corrections to posted Sales Orders. Voiding and/or Correcting a Sales Order can only be done from the Sales Transaction History inquiry.

(lightbulb) Voiding a Quick Sale or Payment Receipt must be done from the Customer Activity inquiry. Payment Receipts can only be voided if they are not on a deposit. If they are on a Deposit, the Deposit must first be voided from the Financial → Inquiries → Checkbook Transaction Inquiry.

(lightbulb) Price Adjustments and Returns must be manually reversed, they cannot be voided or corrected.

Software Version: 2023.08.31 and newer

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 Processes the transaction or event.  Attempts to process the Void and/or Void & Correct of the source transaction if there are no errors.

Successfully voiding or voiding & correcting a Sales Order completes the following:

  • Void: 
    • Creates a new version of the source transaction that reverses the original line items and quantities. The new transaction is created as follows:
      • Transaction: Same as the source Transaction with a "V" appended to indicate it was a void.
      • Date: comes from the 'Effective Date' specified.
      • Status: Set to Void (the source transaction's status is changed to "Replaced".
    • The new transaction's Journal Entry effectively reverses the original transaction's Journal Entry.
    • Un-applies any Payment Receipts
    • Updates the Customer Balances and Aging. 
  • Void & Correct:  
    • Completes all the steps outlined above for a Void.  
    • Creates a new clone of the source transaction (with a new Order ID) that can be edited and re-posted from the Sales → Transactions List View.
DateIdentifies the GL Date of the Source Transaction that created the journal entry.
Effective Date

A date picker to identify the GL Date of the Void and/or Correction. This defaults to blank, is required, and can be set to any date on or after the transaction's GL Date and that falls within a Fiscal Period that is open for Sales. This date will be used as the GL Date for the new version of the source transaction. 

If the Effective Date entered is before the GL Date of the source transaction, the message "Effective Date is required and must be >= Transaction Date." will be displayed when the Process icon is clicked. If the Effective Date entered falls within a period that is not open for Sales, the message "The Fiscal Period is not open." will be displayed when the Process icon is clicked.

MessageA non-editable text row to indicate any issues that may prevent the transaction from being voided.

A single select lookup to identify whether the intention is to Void or Void & Correct the source transaction. This defaults to blank and is required. The lookup contains the following options:

  • Void
  • Void & Correct

A non-editable text box to identify the source Order's transaction ID. This defaults from the transaction that was selected when the page was opened and is not editable.

Transaction Type

Identifies the Transaction Type for each transaction. This is required and non-editable. This will be "Order".

Applications Grid

The purpose of the Applications Grid is to show all the applications involving the source transaction. If the void is successful, all applications shown in this grid will be unapplied. None of the contents of this grid are editable.


Applied Amount

A text box that identifies the amount that has been applied from the 'Applied Transaction' application. This is non-editable.  

Database Field: ERPx_ARSettlementApplication.AppliedAmount

Applied Date

A text box that identifies the date of the application. This is non-editable.

Database Field: ERPx_ARSettlementApplication.ApplicationDate

Applied Transaction

A text box that identifies the Transaction ID that was applied to the source transaction. This is non-editable.

Database Field: ERPx_ARSettlementApplication.SettledFromTransactionSK

Applied Transaction Type

A text box that identifies the Transaction Type of the 'Applied Transaction'. This will always be 'Payment Receipt' when voiding or correcting a sales order.

This is non-editable.

Discount Taken

A text box that identifies the amount if any Discount that was taken. This is non-editable.

Database Field: ERPx_ARSettlementApplication.TakenDiscountAmount

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