How to Configure Contact Types for Report Distribution

NorthScope can auto email a copy of specific reports to various contacts. This includes Customers, Customer Addresses, Sites and Carriers.  For example, users may want to email a copy of the Warehouse Release to a specific site and/or carrier or email a sales confirmation to a customer. 

To configure NorthScope settings to enable this feature users will need to take the following steps. These steps allow NorthScope to know what report you want to send, who you want to send it to, and when it should be sent.

Deploy Reports

Ensure the reports you wish to email are deployed in the system.  Please review the help page for managing and deploying reports here: Manage Reports

Setup Contacts

Contact Types exist in several areas in the system and most of these areas can be integrated with report distribution. The locations of the contact types are below, and this setup controls who reports are sent to. For any contact type you want to use, the report distribution will require that an email address is filled in.

  • Customer Contacts
    • Sales >> Setup >> Customers >> Open the Customer Record View >> Contacts Tab
  • Customer Address Contacts
    • Sales >> Setup >> Customer Addresses >> Open the Customer Address Record View >> Contacts Tab
  • Sites
    • Sales >> Setup >> Sites >> Open the Sites Record View >> Contacts Tab
  • Carriers
    • Sales >> Setup >> Carriers >> Open the Carriers Record View >> Contacts Tab

Report Distribution

Once the reports are deployed and contacts are setup, Report Distribution can be configured.  To do this navigate to Company >> Configuration >> Report Distribution.  This page displays all the available Contact Type Groups and each Contact Type within the group as well as the rules to configure. To configure a distribution rule, click the Configure hyperlink under the Report Distribution Rules column next to the corresponding contact type.

Example setup for configuring rules for the Carrier Contact Type of Shipping:

  1. Click Configure next to the “Shipping” contact under the Contact Type Group: Carrier
    1. Note: Once rules have been configured for a contact type the hyperlink text will display “Edit”.
  2. The top of the page displays all the available reports in the system, find the report(s) that you would like to email Carrier Shipping Contacts and check the box in the Enabled column.
  3. The lower half of the page displays 3 tabs which are Workflows, Status and Extended Filtering. By default, the Workflows tab details are displayed. Select either a Workflow step or a Status for the transaction you wish the report to be emailed for. For example, if you want to send a report once a Sales Order transaction is saved as Shipped status, on the Status tab, scroll to Transaction Type of Order and choose an order transaction class and status of Shipped by checking the box that meets those three conditions in the Status To Send column.
    1. Note: Although the options are visible and editable, Sales Order Quote transactions do not auto generate emails and therefore should not be configured.
  4. Extended Filtering options may be used for specific Sites or Item Classes. For example, if you only want a report emailed when a sales transaction is in the status of Shipped and for a specific Site and/or Item Class, select the Site/Item Class on the Extended Filtering tab AND check the Use Extended Filtering box next to the Report you wish to use this for.