AP Invoice Credit Memo (XML)

ElementParentRequiredData TypeDescriptionValid ValuesDefault



TransactionIDTransactionNoVARCHAR(25)The unique internal ID of the Transaction.
Next available number in the transaction class which is default retrieved from the Transaction Type.
TransactionDatePropertiesYesDATETIMEThe date of the transaction.Any valid date.
TransactionTypePropertiesYesVARCHAR(20)The type of transaction. Indicating whether it's a Credit memo or an invoice.Invoice, credit memo.
VendorIDPropertiesYesVARCHAR(50)The unique ID of the vendor.All 'Active' AP Vendors.
Document NumberPropertiesYesVARCHAR(50)The document number of the invoice or credit memo.Must be unique by VendorID and Transaction Type.
PurchaseOrderIDPropertiesNoVARCHAR(50)The Reference value of the transaction.  This can be used to specify a purchase order number that is not setup in NorthScope for example.
PaymentTermPropertiesNoVARCHAR(20)The payment term of the invoice or credit memo.
Vendor Payment Term
DescriptionPropertiesNoVARCHAR(60)The description of the invoice or credit memo.
GLDatePropertiesNoDATEThe GL Date of the invoice or credit memo.Any valid date.If not submitted, it defaults to the TransactionDate
DueDatePropertiesNoDATETIMEThe due date of the invoice or credit memo.
If we have a a payment term available, we will calculate due date based on the due date days in the payment term.
DiscountDatePropertiesNoDATETIMEThe discount date of the invoice or credit memo.
If we have a payment term available, we will calculate the discount date days in the payment term.
IsOnHoldPropertiesNoVARCHAR(5)Indicates whether or not the invoice or credit memo is on hold.true, false.FALSE
CurrencyIDPropertiesNoVARCHAR(15)The currency of the invoice or credit memo. If a value is supplied it must match the Vendor Currency.Z-AUD, Z-C$, Z-NZD, Z-UK, Z-SGD, Z-SA, Z-US$, USD, CADVendor currency, then Company Currency.
TransactionStatusNamePropertiesNoVARCHAR(50)The name of the status we want the transaction to be saved to.New, Approved, Ready to Post.New.
CompanyIDPropertiesYesVARCHAR(10)This is the ID of the company that you are sending data for. This company ID should match the entry in the database table name ERPx_MFDataEntityCompany for the Company ID column.



AttributeIDAttributeNoVARCHAR(25)The unique ID of the attribute in NorthScope.Must be a valid Attribute that is visible to the transaction type (either a credit memo/invoice).
ValueAttributeNoVARCHAR(200)The value of the attribute.

For DateTime type attributes, the value must be in the following format to display correctly on the transaction:


For example, 2022-06-21 12:15:00 will be displayed on the transaction as 06/20/2022 12:15PM if the users date preference format is set to MM/DD/YYYY.



POLineSKTransactionLineNoBIGINTThe unique key value that is assigned to the line item on the linked Purchase Order record. Must be a valid line item on an open Purchase Order record.
ItemIDTransactionLineYesVARCHAR(50)The ID of the Item for the corresponding line. Must be a valid active Item that is configured in the system.
POLineNumberTransactionLineNoBIGINTThe Line number of the corresponding item on the linked Purchase Order record. 

LineDescriptionTransactionLineYesVARCHAR(200)Description of the line item.

QuantityTransactionLineYesNUMERIC(18,5)The quantity on the line item. Must be bigger than or equal to 0.If 0.00 the transaction Status must be New.


TransactionLineYesVARCHAR(10)The unit of measure for the line item.Must be valid UOM for the company (kg, gr, lbs, etc.)
PriceTransactionLineYesNUMERIC(18,5)The price of the line item. Must be bigger than or equal to 0.

AccountNumberTransactionLineNoVARCHAR(75)The account number of the line item. When blank or empty, it will default to the Vendor Account.
Vendor Purchase Account
ToDistributionAccountTypeTransactionLineNoVARCHAR(25)The type of the distribution account. When this is present, ToDistributionAccount should also be filled in.Employee, AP Vendor, Project.NULL
ToDistributionAccountTransactionLineNoVARCHAR(100)The unique ID of the distribution account. When the Distribution Account Type Employee, we expect the name of an employee here, when AP Vendor, the name of the Vendor, and when Project, the name of the project.Must be a valid value

Example XML
    <Transaction TransactionID="">
            <PaymentTerm>Net 30</PaymentTerm>
            <TransactionStatusName>Ready to Post</TransactionStatusName>
                <AttributeID>Subject to Use Tax</AttributeID>
						<LineDescription>Case Printer Paper</LineDescription>
                        <ToDistributionAccount>John Johnson</ToDistributionAccount>
                        <ToDistributionAccountType>AP Vendor</ToDistributionAccountType>
						<LineDescription>Printer Ink</LineDescription>
                        <ToDistributionAccount>David Williams</ToDistributionAccount>
                        <ToDistributionAccountType>AP Vendor</ToDistributionAccountType>