Voiding an Accounts Receivable Payment Receipt (UG)


NorthScope allows voiding posted Accounts Receivable Payment Receipts provided they are not on a Deposit (if they are on an unposted Deposit, they must be removed and if they are on a Posted Deposit, the Deposit must be voided). 

Voiding a transaction

  1. Navigate to the transaction that is being voided.
    1. The transaction must be located from the 'Customer Activity Inquiry' which can be opened from either:
      1. Sales → Inquiries → Customer Activity Inquiry
      2. Sales → Customer Balances
        1. Select a customer
        2. Click the 'View' icon in the header toolbar and select 'Transactions'
  2. Find and select the transaction that needs to be voided (only one transaction can be voided at a time).
  3. Click the 'Void' icon in the header toolbar (this opens the 'Void Transaction' page). 
  4. The 'Void Transaction' page will open to show the Payment Receipt that will be voided. 
    1. Page Header
      1. Transaction: The transaction ID of the transaction being voided.
      2. Posted Date: Displays the GL Date of transaction being voided.
      3. Void Date: Displays the GL Date that will be used for the Void. This is an editable field. The 'Void Date' must be >= to the 'Posted Date' and reside within an open fiscal period.
      4. Message: Displays an informational message, if the transaction cannot be voided and also the following message 'All applications will be unapplied' when the transaction has applications and the transaction can be voided.
    2. Page Detail: If the transaction has any applications, the applied to transactions will be displayed. All these applications will be unapplied when the transaction is Voided.
  5. Edit the 'Void Date' if needed.
  6. Click the 'Void' icon in the header toolbar to complete the void.
    1. The following events happen when the void is processed:
      1. All pervious applications will be unapplied and will disappear from the grid.
      2. A reversing Payment Receipt is automatically created to update the General Ledger.
        1. Status: 'Void'
        2. GL Date: from the 'Void Date' that was specified.
      3. The status of the original transaction is changed to 'Replaced'.
      4. If the original payment receipt was in a Foreign Currency, and it resulted in a Currency Gain/Loss Journal Entry, the original Currency Gain/Loss Journal Entry will be reversed using the 'Void Date' that was specified.
      5. The Customer's balance is updated.

Note: Replaced transactions are not displayed in the Customer History Inquiry by default, but replaced status transactions can be added to the view from Inquiry Criteria.