How do I download and enable the File Import Templates for use?

Downloading the Template

From the File Import Templates page, choose the file you wish to download by clicking on the hyperlink. Click on the file, this will open the file, click the download icon on the top right hand corner:

This will download the template to your local Downloads folder (depending on Browser download settings).

Enabling the Template for use

There are some security settings that need to be changed to use the file as intended. Follow the steps below to enable editing within each template file.

Note: The steps below will need to be done prior to opening the file.

Unblocking Security

  1. Open Windows File Explorer and locate the file template.

  2. Right-click the file and choose Properties from the context menu.

  3. At the bottom of the General tab, select the Unblock checkbox and select OK.

Enabling Editing

After unblocking the security, open the file. You will see a Security Warning on a yellow ribbon above the formula bar. There is a button called ‘Enable Content’, click on this button.

Another Security Warning popup will appear asking if you want to make the file a Trusted Document. Click ‘Yes’ to always enable editing.

Note: If you choose to click No, this will also enable editing, however, you will have to go through this process each time you wish to use the file.

Saving the file to another folder

After unblocking security and enabling editing the file can be saved/moved to another folder location. This can be done by using the Save As (F12) option from the file itself while open, or you could move it from the folder where the file is located in Windows Explorer by dragging and dropping or copy and pasting to the desired folder location.