Account Balance Summary Inquiry

Description: The Account Balance Summary Inquiry displays the balance for each account.

Header Toolbar

Toolbar Icons


Export the contents of the list view to an Excel file that will automatically download. The contents that export are those that are visible to the user. Therefore, if the user has filtered the view only the filtered contents will be exported. 

Grid Layout

Opens the Saved Grid Layout menu that allows the user to select another saved layout, create a new layout, save changes to a layout, or assign a saved layout as the default for the page. Once changes are made to a grid, such as columns are added or removed, the user can click the Saved Grid Layout icon and save the changes to the grid layout and name the new layout. The new layout can also be set as the default, instead of the System View. This is useful for creating specific views to separate master files or transaction types (i.e. Invoice specific vs. Credit Memo specific).

(lightbulb) The bolded view is the default view, which will determine the view will automatically display in when opened. 

Inquiry Criteria

Opens Inquiry Criteria window where users can define the following criteria: 

  • Account
  • Account Number Search
  • Year

Refreshes the Inquiry.


Column Headers

AccountDisplays the Account number.
Beginning Balance Displays the ending balance of the previous period.  (lightbulb) This column is not displayed in the system view.
CreditDisplays the total amount that was credited for the account during the corresponding period.
DebitDisplays the total amount that was debited for the account during the corresponding period.
DetailsDisplays a link to open the Journal Line Inquiry. The inquiry is filtered for the corresponding account and period.
Net ChangeDisplays the account’s net change during the corresponding period. This is Debit amount – Credit amount.
Period BalanceDisplays the Period Balance. This is calculated from the previous Period Balance and the Net Change of the corresponding period. 
PeriodDisplays the fiscal period name.
YearDisplays the fiscal period year.

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